Break Build - Festival branding

At Shillington, we were asked to create a festival brand as well as their 'brief' to us. Inspired by my year living in Seoul, and the vibrant arts scene there, I came up with Break Build, a South Korean sound art festival.

The brief

Break Build is a cutting edge sound art festival taking place in Seoul’s hippest university and is ideal for those who think drawings and music are just a little too obvious. The branded needed to cut through the swathes of bright advertising and convey a sense of difference and avant-garde.

The solution

The concept behind the event is that symbolic sounds are taken apart and then constructed into new forms that transcend barriers of language or prior experience.

Holding true to the event’s dual language branding, the posters and brochure are designed to be equally accessible for both English and Korean language speakers.

Student work at Shillington College

Teaser poster for campaign

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