Perfectly Flawed - Issue campaign

At Shillington, we were tasked to choose an issue then come up with a campaign to promote our cause. I opted to create a campaign to encourage people to buy imperfect produce, thereby reducing food waste.

Interestingly, since I created this project in 2014, there has been a huge improvement in consumers' willingness to buy wonky fruit and veg, with Tescos actually starting a range named 'Perfecly Imperfect'.

The brief

Supermarkets’ dishearteningly high rejection rate for imperfect produce is blamed on the consumers, so this new drive aims to make sure the customer is no longer an excuse by driving a nationwide petition.

The solution

A lighthearted campaign on the surface, Perfectly Flawed aims to subtly change the way shoppers think about the immaculate fruit and veg they purchase without a second thought. The design takes in a wide array of influences, ranging from Dove’s campaign for real beauty to the current backlash against impossible ideals created via clever photoshopping. The campaign shows ugly fruit and veg in an anthropomorphised way to make people think twice before instinctively recoiling from misshapen foods.

Student work at Shillington College

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