The Hard Truth - Distillery branding

At Shillington, we were tasked to devise a bar brand as well as their 'brief' to us, so I came up with The Hard Truth, a distillery run my Maeve and Patrick.

The brief

Maeve and Patrick are straight talkers. So, to get to the point, they’ve basically just opened London’s most exciting bar. Not only that, they distill all their own spirits with a passion verging on obsession.

Whilst they love their craft, Maeve and Patrick wanted their branding to differentiate them from the deluge of overly-earnest alcohol artisans.

The solution

The core design device is a distillation of text down to its essence. Shown across their bar branding, poster set and packaging, this concept cuts to the chase. Additionally, printing the labels directly onto the front and back of the glass bottles allows the two layers of text to be separated naturally by the spirits themselves.

Student work at Shillington College


Packaging design for gin and vodka

Promo poster for the bar and distillery

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