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Focusing on health

After the success of our award-winning campaign working with UPP to promote safety in the workplace, we were thrilled to launch the follow-up: a year-long campaign promoting employee health. As UPP employ over 800 people around the UK, the second year of the wellbeing campaign focuses on their health, be that physical, mental or workplace-related.

Illustration contrasting what is - and what isn't - too much to ask for at work

Improving health step-by-step

UPP asked us to find an engaging and lighthearted way to encourage their employees to take the first steps towards improving their mental, physical and workplace health.

We used juxtaposed scenarios to highlight the change that UPP are encouraging is – in contrast to the surreal, parallel scene – modest and achievable. Working with illustrator Son of Alan, we created a playful look-and-feel based on retro instructional graphics.

The campaign launched with three posters

The use of How-To Guide styling highlights that we are not asking anything that is impossible – and that the simplest things can make a big difference. We are acknowledging that things can feel overwhelming, and that demonstrating that it’s just about taking things one step at a time.

[Top two rows] Poster and booklet created to promote workplace organisation [bottom right] Comic strip in company magazine [bottom left] Poster to promote fruit baskets


The campaign worked hard to create a company culture where it was permissible to talk about mental health, and the light-hearted 'How-to' execution created a flexible way to give employees advice.

"A highly effective campaign that was both engaging and informative. Clear messages were communicated, focussing on the need to talk about all aspects of health. Hatched continue to be creative, responsive and innovative in designing campaigns."

Mike Eady, Health, Safety and Environment Director at UPP Group

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